Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Words from others...

Today I wanted to share a few great blogs that I have enjoyed following this past year and have learned a lot from. Certain of these sites are hosted by some of the most amazing people ever. I hope you enjoy!

Val is the amazing mother of 8 children! She is truly one of my heroes and is someone to look towards for advice about mothering, adoption and the influence of infertility.

You can access Val’s blog at:
Dr. Licciardi:

This is a great blog to learn more about the technical side if infertility and the different treatments.
You can access Dr. Licciardi’s blog at:

Ashley has been so gracious to share her story as well as others stories on her blog about infertility and parenting.

You can Access Ashley’s blog at:

A site to more sites:
This is a good resource to find more blogs about infertility:

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