Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Side of the Story

            We have gone through different trials during our marriage, especially regarding trying to have children.  One of the really hard times was when my wife was told by the doctor that she would need to have laparoscopic surgery. 
           When we found out that my wife had to have surgery, I was very protective of the fact that I didn’t want her to have the surgery because I didn’t want her hurt in any way.  For some reason, I was also preoccupied that this surgery would go awry and affect her in the more negative aspect, causing further fertility issues.  I think that most of my apprehensions came down to the fact that I don’t have much experience with surgery and the severity (or lack thereof) of it.  I also have always felt that my wife deserves whatever she wants, and for whatever reason I felt this surgery was a large risk that could hinder all our hard work in trying to have our own children.
               I was of course nervous during the surgery, but everything turned out great.  She had to have one of her tubes removed because it was three times the size of the other.  We knew this would lessen the chances of my wife getting pregnant, but I was relieved that she was feeling fine and that she would recover without any issues.  Although, maybe, the outcome was not what we had exactly hoped, it definitely is part of a grander scheme that I do not yet fully understand.

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