Monday, December 19, 2011

A word from Allysa...

Our infertility story began in 2007. My husband and I were just finishing college, loving the married life and thinking about starting our family. We started trying to have a baby December of 2007. We finally found out we were pregnant in February of 2008. We were so excited, especially because it didn't take long. Two months later the most devastating thing, which has happened to our family, happened, I started bleeding. I called my doctor and was rushed in for an emergency ultrasound.

My baby had no heartbeat, and my body wasn't miscarrying on its own. I then had to go in for an emergency d&c surgery. I remember waking up from the surgery just bawling, thinking I had lost something and I couldn't control it whatsoever. Those next few months were devastating. No one could understand my pain, my husband couldn't understand why I was so lost, but it was because when I miscarried it was almost as if I lost a huge part of myself as well.

After the pain started to subside, we started trying again. After a few months I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting pregnant when it was so easy the first time. We started going back to my doctor. He felt that maybe my ovulation cycle was off. Sure enough, it was. He then started me on chlomid. I was on and off of that for a year and a half. In November they finally scheduled an HSG test to see of my tubes were clear. They found out that they were in fact clear. I felt horrible at that point that nothing was wrong. Not with me, not with my husband, it just wasn't happening.

That month I was so sad I didn't even bother taking my chlomid, it really messed with my emotions anyway. The beginning of December I finally got a big fat positive on a pregnancy test. In the middle of December I started bleeding again. I was so worried, all I could think was, it's happening again. I quickly went into the doctor for an ultrasound, where he broke the news that we hadn't lost a baby, but in fact we had gained one. We were pregnant with twins. In July 2011 they were born perfectly healthy. I couldn't be more grateful for my fertility journey. Although there was much heartache and many tears, it helped me understand how badly I wanted a child, and I believe helps me now appreciating that role in general because it is a special gift.
~ Allysa

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