Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The First Doctor

The first doctor that we went to, he was nice but a very busy general practitioner. Our first visit consisted of a pelvic exam and the, oh so wonderful, Pap smear. Robert had come with me because we wanted to talk to the doctor about our situation. Well after telling him that we had been trying for a year and a half, he looked at my chart, looked at my age and then said, “ you are very young, so we will put you on clomid, have Robert tested  but I have no doubt that you will get pregnant quickly!” He then proceeded to tell Robert that he would probably need a helmet to deal with my mood swings.

Robert’s swimmers checked to be very strong and so we were hopeful that the drug would work and that we would get pregnant quickly. Robert was a bit worried about me taking any fertility medications and was afraid of the complications that could come from it. After a bit of prayer and research, we decided to go ahead and give clomid a whirl.

The first month wasn’t too bad but I was not a fan of the heat flashes that would come due to the drug. As the day of my supposed next period drew near I anxiously awaited to see if we had been successful. I had been charting and knew that I had ovulated and we had timed everything perfectly. After I ovulated, my breast where so tender, I felt like I was having pregnancy symptoms. Well the due date of my period came and went and I was super excited so the next morning I excitedly took a pregnancy test. It was negative, I was still hopeful though because I had heard lots of stories where people wouldn’t get a positive pregnancy test but they were still pregnant. I thought I just had to be pregnant.

Well later on that day I started lightly bleeding. Again I was still hopeful because I thought it has to be implantation bleeding. By that night my period was in full force and I was devastated. Well we made the doctor’s appointment to make sure that my ovaries were good and then they gave me another prescription of clomid. We tried it for two more months to no avail. The doctor then wanted us to try insemination if we were to do a forth cycle of clomid.

We knew that we would be leaving in a few months because Robert would be graduating and we just didn’t feel right about doing the inseminations. So we decided to give the medicine and doctor’s visits a break for a while.

After Robert graduated we moved to Oregon to live with my grandparents and help take care of them. We also moved so that I could finish school and run one more year of track. We didn’t stop trying to get pregnant we just knew that if we got pregnant I would stop doing track. Well I ended up coaching Track for a local High school and Robert was working part time at a different High School as a teacher’s aid and baseball coach.

We didn’t have insurance at the time and decided that we would have to wait till we did to be able to start going to the doctors yet again. We moved to Oregon in January of 2008 and didn’t have insurance until that fall when Robert got a full time job about an hour away from my grandparent’s house. So we once again moved closer to his work.  We knew that we would be there for a little bit and were excited to be able to go to the doctor again and figure out why we weren’t able to have children.

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