Monday, December 5, 2011

Our story

You have heard parts of my story here and there and I guess you could say I have been sharing my story all year long but I want to share where we are right now. Some of our decisions may not have been the popular choice but they are part of who we are and I also want to share why we made them.

One of our first choices that may have seemed out of the norm is that fact that we got married young: I was 19 and Robert was 22. I was in my sophomore year of school and had only been away from home for a year when we were married and although Robert was older he was in his junior year. We were both highly active in sports, I was playing basketball and track and he was playing baseball. Life was busy, we were poor but things were good.

About a month after we were married, Robert came to me and told me that he felt that we should probably look at moving. He wasn’t sure why but he knew that we were no longer supposed to stay where we were. I was shocked at first but after a lot of fasting, temple going, and prayer, we decided that we would be moving. We decided to move closer to home on the west coast versus being on the east coast and chose a college that would allow us to still play sports, and that would have the programs we wanted to study.

Leaving Virginia was probably one of the hardest things I had done because I was in the middle of a basketball season and had to tell my team that I would no longer be attending school there. Sean had to also inform his team that he would not be there for baseball in the spring. We loaded up our car with everything we owned and headed to Florida for our honeymoon and then onto Utah for Christmas. One transmission later and a couple thousand miles more on our tires, we finally made it to Oregon.

We set up shop in the small college town we had chosen and got busy with our schooling and again with sports. The spring semester had started and we were in the full swing of things when I had this feeling that it was time to start trying for children. We were in the middle of our seasons and so we decided that we would go off the pill but still use protection. At the time I had just turned 20 and Robert was 23, to some we were too young to be trying to become parents and that we should wait until we were done with school and into our careers first.

The problem with that perspective is that when we felt that it is time to try to have a child, we didn’t want to wait, and for some crazy reason we didn’t care if we barely had enough money to feed ourselves. We knew that if the lord had instructed us to have children he would provide for us and it would be easy but there would be way to survive.

So to be honest we were the most faithful to use the other methods of birth control but we decided to stop using it all together around the middle of April. We did the math and if we got pregnant that month I would probably stop track but we figured it would probably take more than one month to get pregnant since I still wasn’t having regular cycles since being off of the pill. So when the first couple of months passed by and there wasn’t a pregnancy we weren’t devastated.

… to be continued

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