Sunday, December 11, 2011

Treatment and IUI's

Back to the doctors we went, this time with the list of things he wanted us to have done, completed. Since the surgery the next step was to prepare to do a few cycles of insemination. This meant that we would have to balance this around working fulltime, Sean’s school schedule and my cycle; three things that at the time seemed like they may be impossible to coordinate.

The doctor started me off with 100 milligrams of clomid, since they knew I ovulated on clomid there wasn’t a need to put me on anything stronger. They had be purchase a months’ worth of ovulation strips to make sure they knew when the optimal time would be for me to ovulate. Well I started testing on day 10 and it showed that it was positive. I waited and tested again on day 11 and it again said that I was ovulating. This was very confusing to me because I knew it was way too early to be ovulating so I called the doctor’s office and they agreed. They told me to take a test again on day 12 and if it was positive again they would have me come in for an ultrasound on day 13.

Day 12 showed positive again so they had me come in to see what was going on. The ultrasound showed that my ovaries were growing the eggs, 2 on one ovary and 1 on the other, but that they weren’t to the size they needed to be for me to be ovulating. They decided to run some blood work to see what was going on and they found out that I did have high LH levels but that it was caused by my PCOS. They told me that because of the PCOS, my ovaries were putting off more LH than normal. They determined that I would need to come in to have an ultrasound done every month to see if I was ovulating rather than doing the home test.

Since I had gone in, they decided to send me home with instructions to come back in within the next couple of days. They gave me a prescription for a drug that would help my eggs to be released wit in the next 24 hours. Well we scheduled the appointments and got ready to do our first IUI cycle. This would be a little tricky but we were willing to make it work. Robert had to drive 30 minutes to get the drug I needed and I ended up having to inject myself, in my stomach, with the drug in one of the bathroom stalls at work. This wasn’t the most comfortable situation but it was what we could do.

The next day, Robert went into the doctor’s office 2 hours before I did to give them his stuff and then I followed after him. I went to the doctors and they had Roberts’s swimmers, cleaned and ready to go. They had my lie on the table with me feet in stirrups, as the nurse inserted a long tube into my uterus. At first she had a hard time finding the opening of my cervix, which was a little painful but once she found it she inserted the tube as far back as she could and slowly squirted the swimmers into the cavity. I was instructed to then lie on the table for about 15 min to make sure to give the swimmers a chance to make their way to my tube. After my time was up, I had to head back to work. I had tried to take a long lunch but since it took me so long, I had to work extra to make up the time.

We waited patiently and prayed hard that this procedure would take and that we would be able to be pregnant. Unfortunately that was the Lords will as I started my period right on time. I called to let the doctor know and they told me to start the next cycle of clomid. Around day 14, I scheduled a time to go in and have another ultrasound done. This time the ultrasound wasn’t as positive as the first. They said that I had one egg growing inside of a cyst from the precious cycle on the right ovary but non on the left, it also showed that I had other residual cysts from the prior cycles. We decided since the likelihood of getting pregnant was slim seeing as I didn’t have a tube on that side and the fact that the one egg was inside of another cyst, that we would cancel this cycle and not do the insemination. The doctor did want to see me back before I started taking clomid again to make sure that the other cysts had gone down in size.

So the next month as my cycle started, I scheduled a time to go in and have another ultrasound done. This one showed that the cyst was still there but had gone down in size. The doctor felt that it would be safe for me to continue on with taking another cycle of clomid. As day 12 or 13 of my cycle neared, I started to get very sharp pains around my right ovary. I wasn’t quite sure what it was and thought that it might have just been ovulation pains but at the same time they seemed way to sharp and lasted way too long to be ovulation pains.

I called the doctor and they said that it could be an over stimulated ovary and if it got worse that I should go to the emergency room. I ended up leaving work because the pain was getting stronger and stronger. Once I got home I realized that it was indeed getting worse because I couldn’t even stand anymore, I had resorted to curling up in a ball on the floor. I called Robert and told him that he needed to take me to emergency room.

He rushed home scooped me off the floor and hurried me over to the emergency room. It didn’t take to long for them to get me in; they quickly hooked up an IV, took some blood, and then gave me some morphine.  Side note here, I really do not like morphine, it does help with the pain, but it gives me awful shakes. Anyway, after explaining what was going on, they ordered and ultrasound to see what was going on. Of course the ultrasound tech wouldn’t tell us anything so it was back to the room to wait for the results. The ER doctor came in and told me that there was a lot of fluid around my right ovary and they were pretty sure I had a cyst that had ruptured on that ovary. They said that would explain the pain and the other symptoms.

This ruptured cyst turned out to be one of the most painful things I have ever been through! I can only imagine what labor must feel like. Well they gave me some more prescriptions for pain medicine and for an antibiotic to make sure that nothing got infected, and then home we went.

After the ordeal of ending up in the hospital, we decided that it was time to reevaluate our goals and how we were going to get there.   

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