Wednesday, October 27, 2010

365 Thoughts on Fertility and Infertilty

January 1st 2011 marks the day that this blog will officially start. At first the purpose of this blog was to answer questions people might have concerning infertility. After further review, I have felt that this blog should be for sharing what I have learned about infertility with others. I plan on doing this through posting every day in 2011, a different thought about fertility.

I am now introducing the 365 thoughts on Fertility blog . This will be the place to get ideas on taking control of your fertility, learning more about infertility, strengthening your relationship with your husband, and other fun topics. Above all I would like to take a Christ centered approach to this blog.

I am aware that this is a big task to take on but I know that I have found healing through my journey by learning and listening to others. This is a journey that I am not going through alone; I have my husband, family, friends and most importantly my relationship with my father in heaven and his son Jesus Christ. I'm excited to share my journey, what I have learned and to let others know that they are not alone.