Friday, December 16, 2011

Roberts thoughts on adoption

The decision to begin with the adoption process wasn’t a simple one.  For me, it wasn’t probably as tough for me as it was for my wife; however, it still gave me the feeling that there may be a possibility that we won’t have our own biological child or children.  It’s not that it couldn’t happen, and it very well could, but my wife and I both felt that we should begin to look into adoption as an option over continuing with possible treatments and surgeries that would cost more than we could afford for now. 

Unfortunately, even ways of having children come down to a financial issue.  I think that we will eventually do other treatments to try to have a biological child, but I also always had it in my mind that we would probably adopt a kid or more throughout our lifetime.  Although we are still in the adoption process of waiting, I am excited to think that there are special children out there just waiting to become a part of our family. 
I know, all this is a little sappy which isn’t really my personality…but what the heck!  We’re talking about our family here so all is fair.

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